NOCC Impact Report 2016 - Page 7

S U RVIVO R SU P P O RT THE NATIONAL OVARIAN CANCER COALITION SUPPORTS OVARIAN CANCER PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES BEGINNING AT THE TIME OF DIAGNOSIS. Offering important information and resources, TEAL Totes® & Packets are filled with educational materials and comfort items that provide encouragement immediately following a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. This program is managed by an NOCC Survivor, whose approach offers guidance and care to those who are beginning their journeys with ovarian cancer. In addition, the Totes and Packets are often assembled by volunteers, many of whom are themselves Survivors. To wear “teal” is to advocate awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and the TAKE EARLY ACTION AND LIVE. Through supportive resources, we provide hope for those who live with ovarian cancer. STATISTICS - 2013/2014 TEAL Totes Distributed: 4,084 TEAL Packets Distributed: 1,163 When the Program started, in 2011, there were only 15 facilities enrolled in the Faces of Hope® Program. Currently, there are more than 200 facilities throughout the country enrolled in the program. T E ST I M O N I A L S “I love my Faces of Hope TEAL Tote from NOCC. I feel like it holds all the support of those who have battled ovarian cancer before me. And when I see others with the same bag, I know they are going through the same battle I am, and are part of the Teal Sisterhood! I pack it full of the tools I need for chemo each week. The blanket, lotion, lip balm, and other items in the bag have been especially helpful to have during treatment. It’s like someone knew exactly what I was going need!” – Rhonda B., Dallas, TX “I have given out the Teal Totes® and the reaction of the recipient has always been the same….amazed! The patients have been very appreciative to receive the lovely packages and are thrilled with the contents as well, especially the warm, cozy blanket. I feel privileged giving out the totes and love witnessing how thrilled the patients are when they receive them.” – Mary F., Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philadelphia, PA “I am so appreciative of the TEAL Totes that have been provided for our ovarian cancer patients. One patient stated that the blanket was an excellent gift that she will take with her to the doctor’s office since she is frequently cold. We look forward to receiving more of these bags for our ovarian cancer patients.” – Cheretha H., Patient Navigator at Norton Cancer Institute, Louisville, KY 5