NOCC Impact Report 2016 - Page 5

TE ST I M O N I A L S “We had an amazing experience raising funds, awareness, and support for the NOCC New Hampshire Chapter’s Run/Walk event. It is important to raise awareness for a cancer that often goes undetected for far too long, giving patients a slim chance at recovery. The people I have come to know are fighters, and my passion is to honor them, learn from their experiences, and raise awareness of their struggles.” KATHLEEN Q., NEW HAMPSHIRE CHAPTER “Attending the annual Run/Walk promotes awareness. Through funds raised, support of friends and relatives, and advertisements on local media, the event not only provides support to Survivors, caregivers, and loved ones in a fun way, but also provides for the opportunity to talk about the symptoms and the future of this deadly disease.” JENNIFER L., IOWA CHAPTER “As a ten-year Survivor of ovarian cancer, I have participated in the NOCC’s annual Run/Walk for the past 6 years. I named my team “Paula’s Pillars” because that is exactly what they are, my pillars. They have walked in the rain, volunteered to help with the event, and if they cannot physically be there, they make generous contributions to NOCC.” PAULA K., CENTRAL MARYLAND CHAPTER “Over the past 27 years of my ovarian cancer journey, I have been supported and loved by family and dear friends. I “unofficially” referred to them as my Lucky Charmz. In 2013, in honor of my 25th Cancer Anniversary, we became “official” and registered Team LUCKY CHARMZ at the Philadelphia Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer®. We walk, run, and push baby coaches! We cheer and tear. Those who cannot attend wear NOCC team shirts to generate awareness! Others support the cause with financial donations. My family and friends have always been a team in my heart, but now we show it at the NOCC Run/Walk!” GINNY T., DELAWARE VALLEY CHAPTER 3