NOCC Impact Report 2016 - Page 14

FINANCIAL INFORMATION STAT EM EN T O F FU N CTIO N AL E XPE N SE S STAT EM ENT OF F UNCT I O NAL EX PENSES Period Ending 12/31/2013 Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer® Period Ending 12/31/2014 $1,588,167 46.6% Faces of Hope® Program $249,486 7.3% TEAL - Take Early Action & Live® $727,965 21.4% $2,565,618 75.3% Management & General $456,088 13.4% Development $387,742 11.4% $843,830 24.7% TOTAL PROGRAM TOTAL SUPPORT Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer® $1,814,624 47.9% Faces of Hope® Program $300,202 7.9% TEAL - Take Early Action & Live® $891,469 23.5% $3,006,294 79.3% Management & General $343,844 9.1% Development $441,244 11.6% $785,089 20.7% TOTAL PROGRAM TOTAL SUPPORT 24.7% Support 20.7% Support 75.3% Program Support 79.3% Program Support 2013 TOTAL EXPENSES 2014 TOTAL EXPENSES $3,409,448 $3,791,382 The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition remains committed to its mission and to making an impact. In 2014, 79.3% of funds raised were used for NOCC national and local programs and initiatives, and the remaining 20.7% of funds were allocated for administrative expenses. Note: The figures represented for 2013 have been independently audited. The figures represented for 2014 have yet to be independently audited. THANK YOU Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers for helping support the many NOCC programs and initiatives nationwide. With your assistance we will continue to work to raise awareness, promote education, improve the quality of life for Survivors, as well as fund ovarian cancer research. Please know that without the ongoing support of the community, the NOCC would be unable to continue to make an impact , and to save lives. Together we will continue to make a difference in the lives we touch! 12