NOCC Impact Report 2016 - Page 10

E M P O W E R ING THE CO MMUNITY NATIONAL OVARIAN CANCER COALITION CONFERENCE: In 2014, the NOCC hosted its National Conference at the “M” Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas. The theme of the event was “Forge the Frontier®,” and featured the “Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course,” presented by NOCC partner, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. Course sessions were facilitated by many of the nation’s leading gynecologic oncologists and ovarian cancer experts, and provided attendees with the latest information about ovarian cancer treatment options, research, and quality of life strategies. The conference also featured “Ova-Vu®,”a panel which provided Survivors with emotional l the Inaugura Welcome, to “Ova-Vu” support by means of a group discussion that encouraged, informed, and supported Your Hosts: NOCC National Spokesperson, Valisia LeKae, Grammy and Tony Award Nominee patients, their caregivers, and loved ones. Moderated by Grammy and Tony Award Nominee, and NOCC National Spokesperson, Valisia LeKae, st Moderator & Co-Ho Katya Lezin, Co-Host Jenny Allen, Co-Host Valisia Lekae, Ova-Vu® participants included Diem Brown, Co-Host Zereana Jess-Huff, Co-Host the following ovarian cancer Survivors: Valisia LeKae, Broadway Star of “Motown The Musical;” the late Diem Brown, MTV reality show cast member and founder of MedGift; Jenny Allen, author and comedian; Zereana Jess-Huff, Mrs. Maryland 2014; and Katya Lezin, author and inspirational speaker. By sharing details of their own ovarian cancer journeys, this panel of Survivors offered emotional, motivational, and inspirational support to conference attendees. Valisia LeKae, was starring in the Br