NLHF 2019-2020 Donor Impact Report - Page 8


You make a difference !

Thanks to your support in 2019-2020 , the Health Foundation committed $ 1,513,000 to fund vital medical equipment , programs and services .
Here are just a few examples of how donor funds were used to support better health outcomes .
2019 Tim Horton Smile Cookie Week Brought Smiles to the Community
Emergency Department
Committed $ 32,680 towards the purchase of the Visao Otologic Tympanoplasty equipment and accessories . This allows for local assessment and repair of perforated eardrums , inner ear cysts and other ear issues . This equipment will save patients months of waiting for these specialized surgeries which are normally done in Edmonton .
Seniors Health
Committed $ 103,000 to purchase a Collins Low-Floor handibus to support seniors in community engagement and social and health activities .
Committed $ 23,000 towards the purchase of a unique Bike Around™ stationary bike integrated with Google Street Maps to support cognitive stimulation and physical activity for dementia and Alzheimer patients .
Allocated $ 4,350 to the Continuing Care unit to support seniors activities , gardening projects , and social outings
Maternal Child
Allocated over $ 32,000 to purchase GE Mini Telemetric Monitoring Systems for Labouring Mothers – A simple and complete wireless monitoring system that allows for mobility during the laboring process .
Training and Education
Committed over $ 65,000 for the expansion and renovation of a teaching and training lab for medical staff at the Northern Lights Health Centre .