NLHF 2019-2020 Donor Impact Report - Page 3

Melanie Antoine
A great year — with a tough ending
In 2019-2020 we received tremendous support from businesses , community groups , and individuals to enable the purchase of technology and equipment for the hospital and to support public , mental , and ambulatory health programs throughout the region .
Our fiscal year-end of March 31 , 2020 coincided with a major drop in the stock market and a resultant drop in our investment portfolio .
Melanie Antoine served as Chair of the Board from 2016-2020

Message from the Board Chair

It also coincided with the biggest impact to our world in living memory – the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant health regulations to keep our vulnerable populations safe .
The impacts of these major world events impacted our forecasted year-end financial position , however we remain fiscally strong and ready to meet current and new funding obligations .
I ’ ve had the honour to chair the Northern Lights Health Foundation Board of Directors for over four years and have been delighted to play a role in the success of this important organization . Our Board is composed of talented , community-minded individuals who are actively engaged in advancing healthcare philanthropy and ensuring the great governance of the operations . Our goal is to maximize your donations and sponsorship and invest in the healthcare technology , equipment , programs and services that contribute to the health and wellbeing of our region .
The Health Foundation is celebrating its 35 th Anniversary this year and I ’ ve seen the good work of the past decades up close . Now , more than ever , I understand that supporting healthcare is absolutely vital to having a strong community . This annual report will showcase some of the impact stories so you can see your donations at work .
Please keep your financial support coming — together we continue to make a major impact .
Melanie Antoine , Board Chair

Melanie Antoine