NIV Adventure Bible Sampler - Book of Mark - Page 5

Mark 1 1095
Jesus Calls His First Disciples
16 As Jesus walked be side the Sea of Gali lee , he saw Si mon and his broth er An drew cast ing a net into the lake , for they were fish er men . 17 “ Come , fol low me ,” Jesus said , “ and I will send you out to fish for peo ple .”
18 At once they left their nets and fol lowed
him .
19 When he had gone a lit tle far ther , he
saw James son of Zeb e dee and his broth er John in a boat , pre par ing their nets . 20 Without de lay he called them , and they left their fa ther Zeb e dee in the boat with the hired men and fol lowed him .
Jesus Drives Out an Impure Spirit
21 They went to Ca per na um , and when
the Sab bath came , Jesus went into the syna gogue and be gan to teach . 22 The peo ple were amazed at his teach ing , be cause he taught them as one who had au thor i ty , not as the teach ers of the law . 23 Just then a man in their syn a gogue who was pos sessed by an im pure spir it cried out , 24 “ What do you want with us , Jesus of Naz a reth ? Have you come to de stroy us ? I know who you are — the Holy One of God !”
25 “ Be qui et !” said Jesus stern ly . “ Come
out of him !” 26 The im pure spir it shook the man vi o lent ly and came out of him with a shriek .
27 The peo ple were all so amazed that
they asked each oth er , “ What is this ? A new teach ing — and with au thor i ty ! He even gives or ders to im pure spir its and they obey him .” 28 News about him spread quick ly over the whole re gion of Gal i lee .
Jesus Heals Many
29 As soon as they left the syn a gogue ,
they went with James and John to the home of Si mon and An drew . 30 Si mon ’ s moth er-inlaw was in bed with a fe ver , and they im medi ate ly told Jesus about her . 31 So he went to her , took her hand and helped her up . The fe ver left her and she be gan to wait on them .
32 That eve ning af ter sun set the peo ple
brought to Jesus all the sick and de monpos sessed . 33 The whole town gath ered at the door , 34 and Jesus healed many who had var i ous dis eas es . He also drove out many de mons , but he would not let the de mons speak be cause they knew who he was .
Jesus Prays in a Solitary Place
35 Very ear ly in the morn ing , while it was
still dark , Jesus got up , left the house and went off to a sol i tary place , where he prayed .
Reach Out to Others
Leprosy is a terrible disease . A leper ’ s skin has open sores . In Bible times a person with leprosy was considered “ unclean ” and could not worship God with other people or even live in town . Because of the disease , no one would come near a leper .
Read Mark 1:40 – 42 . Jesus showed that he cared for this leper by touching him and healing him .
Write down the names of a couple of children you know who might feel as lonely as the leper . Then answer these three questions :
Mark 1:40 – 42
1 . Why is he or she left alone ? ( Because he or she is not nice , is dirty , doesn ’ t wear nice clothes , hits people , looks or acts different ?)
2 . How do you think he or she feels ? ( Happy , lonely , afraid , proud , sad , angry , stuck-up , or maybe some other feeling ?)
3 . How could you show that Jesus cares ? ( Smile , talk to him , ask her to sit with you at lunch , pick him for your team , tell others to stop being mean ?)
What will you do to show that Jesus still cares about the lonely today ?