NIV Adventure Bible Sampler - Book of Mark - Page 4

1094 Mark 1
John the Baptist Prepares the Way


The be gin ning of the good news about Jesus the Mes si ah , a the Son of God , b 2 as it is writ ten in Isa iah the proph et :
“ I will send my messenger ahead of you , who will prepare your way ” c — ​
3 “ a voice of one calling in the wilderness ,
‘ Prepare the way for the Lord , make straight paths for him .’ ” d
4 And so John the Bap tist ap peared in the
wil der ness , preach ing a bap tism of re pentance for the for give ness of sins . 5 The whole Ju de an coun try side and all the peo ple of Jeru sa lem went out to him . Con fess ing their sins , they were bap tized by him in the Jordan Riv er . 6 John wore cloth ing made of camel ’ s hair , with a leath er belt around his waist , and he ate lo custs and wild hon ey . 7 And this was his mes sage : “ Af ter me comes the one more pow er ful than I , the straps of whose san dals I am not wor thy to stoop down and un tie . 8 I bap tize you with e wa ter , but he will bap tize you with e the Holy Spir it .”
The Baptism and Testing of Jesus
9 At that time Jesus came from Naz a reth
in Gal i lee and was bap tized by John in the Jor dan . 10 Just as Jesus was com ing up out of the wa ter , he saw heav en be ing torn open and the Spir it de scend ing on him like a dove . 11 And a voice came from heav en : “ You are my Son , whom I love ; with you I am well pleased .”
John the Baptist
God sent John the Baptist to tell people that Jesus the Savior was coming . John faithfully followed God . He baptized many people and told them to ask God to forgive their sins . Jesus came to be baptized , and , even though Jesus had never sinned , John obeyed his request .
12 At once the Spir it sent him out into the
wil der ness , 13 and he was in the wil der ness for ty days , be ing tempt ed f by Sa tan . He was with the wild an i mals , and an gels attend ed him .
Jesus Announces the Good News
14 Af ter John was put in pris on , Jesus
went into Gal i lee , pro claim ing the good news of God . 15 “ The time has come ,” he said . “ The king dom of God has come near . Re pent and be lieve the good news !”
a 1 Or Jesus Christ . Messiah ( Hebrew ) and Christ
( Greek ) both mean Anointed One . b 1 Some manuscripts do not have the Son of God . c 2 Mal . 3:1 d 3 Isaiah 40:3 e 8 Or in f 13 The Greek for tempted can also mean tested .
In the first century fishermen in boats worked on the Sea of Galilee . The fish they caught in their nets were salted or dried and then sold all through the Holy Land . Jesus called his first disciples to be fishers of people instead of fishers of fish ( Mark 1:16 – 18 ).