NIV Adventure Bible Sampler - Book of Mark - Page 28

1118 Mark 15
Simon was a man from Cyrene ( SIGH-reen ) who was traveling into Jerusalem when Jesus was taken out to be crucified . Jesus ’ enemies forced Simon to carry Jesus ’ cross to Golgotha , where Jesus was to be crucified . A large crowd followed Simon and Jesus , crying and wailing as they walked .
myrrh , but he did not take it . 24 And they cru ci fied him . Di vid ing up his clothes , they cast lots to see what each would get .
25 It was nine in the morn ing when they
cru ci fied him . 26 The writ ten no tice of the charge against him read : the king of the jews .
27 They cru ci fied two reb els with him ,
one on his right and one on his left . [ 28 ] a
29 Those who passed by hurled in sults at
him , shak ing their heads and say ing , “ So ! You who are go ing to de stroy the tem ple and build it in three days , 30 come down from the cross and save your self !” 31 In the same way the chief priests and the teachers of the law mocked him among themselves . “ He saved oth ers ,” they said , “ but he can ’ t save him self ! 32 Let this Mes si ah , this king of Is ra el , come down now from the cross , that we may see and be lieve .” Those cru ci fied with him also heaped insults on him .
The Death of Jesus
33 At noon , dark ness came over the whole
land un til three in the af ter noon . 34 And at three in the af ter noon Jesus cried out in a loud voice , “ Eloi , Eloi , lema sa bach tha ni ? ” ( which means “ My God , my God , why have you for sak en me ?”). b
35 When some of those stand ing near
heard this , they said , “ Lis ten , he ’ s call ing Eli jah .”
36 Some one ran , filled a sponge with wine
vin egar , put it on a staff , and of fered it to Jesus to drink . “ Now leave him alone . Let ’ s
see if Eli jah comes to take him down ,” he said .
37 With a loud cry , Jesus breathed his
last .
38 The cur tain of the tem ple was torn
in two from top to bot tom . 39 And when the cen tu ri on , who stood there in front of Jesus , saw how he died , c he said , “ Sure ly this man was the Son of God !”
40 Some wom en were watch ing from a
dis tance . Among them were Mary Magda lene , Mary the moth er of James the youn ger and of Jo seph , d and Sa lo me . 41 In Gal i lee these wom en had fol lowed him and cared for his needs . Many oth er wom en who had come up with him to Je ru sa lem were also there .
The Burial of Jesus
42 It was Prep a ra tion Day ( that is , the
day be fore the Sab bath ). So as eve ning approached , 43 Jo seph of Ar i ma thea , a prom i- nent mem ber of the Coun cil , who was himself wait ing for the king dom of God , went bold ly to Pi late and asked for Jesus ’ body .
44 Pi late was sur prised to hear that he was
al ready dead . Sum mon ing the cen tu ri on , he asked him if Jesus had al ready died .
45 When he learned from the cen tu ri on
that it was so , he gave the body to Jo seph .
46 So Jo seph bought some lin en cloth , took
down the body , wrapped it in the lin en , and placed it in a tomb cut out of rock . Then he
a 28 Some manuscripts include here words similar
to Luke 22:37 . b 34 Psalm 22:1 c 39 Some manuscripts saw that he died with such a cry d 40 Greek Joses , a variant of Joseph ; also in verse 47
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph of Arimathea ( Air-im-uh- THAY-uh ), a leader of the Jews , followed Jesus secretly because he was afraid of Jesus ’ enemies . After the crucifixion Joseph asked Pilate for permission to take Jesus ’ body and bury it in his own new tomb .