NIV Adventure Bible Sampler - Book of Mark - Page 26

1116 Mark 14
37 Then he re turned to his dis ci ples and
found them sleep ing . “ Si mon ,” he said to Pe ter , “ are you asleep ? Couldn ’ t you keep watch for one hour ? 38 Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temp ta tion . The spir it is will ing , but the flesh is weak .”
39 Once more he went away and prayed
the same thing . 40 When he came back , he again found them sleep ing , be cause their eyes were heavy . They did not know what to say to him .
41 Re turn ing the third time , he said to
them , “ Are you still sleep ing and rest ing ? Enough ! The hour has come . Look , the Son of Man is de liv ered into the hands of sin ners . 42 Rise ! Let us go ! Here comes my be tray er !”
Jesus Arrested
43 Just as he was speak ing , Ju das , one
of the Twelve , ap peared . With him was a crowd armed with swords and clubs , sent from the chief priests , the teach ers of the law , and the el ders .
44 Now the be tray er had ar ranged a
sig nal with them : “ The one I kiss is the man ; ar rest him and lead him away un der guard .” 45 Go ing at once to Jesus , Ju das said , “ Rab bi !” and kissed him . 46 The men seized Jesus and ar rest ed him . 47 Then one of those stand ing near drew his sword and struck the ser vant of the high priest , cutting off his ear .
48 “ Am I lead ing a re bel lion ,” said Jesus ,
“ that you have come out with swords and clubs to cap ture me ? 49 Ev ery day I was with you , teach ing in the tem ple courts , and you did not ar rest me . But the Scrip tures must be ful filled .” 50 Then ev ery one de sert ed him and fled .
51 A young man , wear ing noth ing but a
lin en gar ment , was fol low ing Jesus . When they seized him , 52 he fled na ked , leav ing his gar ment be hind . he drin were look ing for ev i dence against Jesus so that they could put him to death , but they did not find any . 56 Many tes ti fied false ly against him , but their state ments did not agree .
57 Then some stood up and gave this false
tes ti mo ny against him : 58 “ We heard him say , ‘ I will de stroy this tem ple made with hu man hands and in three days will build an oth er , not made with hands .’ ” 59 Yet even then their tes ti mo ny did not agree .
60 Then the high priest stood up be fore
them and asked Jesus , “ Are you not going to an swer ? What is this tes ti mo ny that these men are bring ing against you ?” 61 But Jesus re mained si lent and gave no an swer .
Again the high priest asked him , “ Are you the Mes si ah , the Son of the Blessed One ?”
62 “ I am ,” said Jesus . “ And you will see
the Son of Man sit ting at the right hand of the Mighty One and com ing on the clouds of heav en .”
63 The high priest tore his clothes . “ Why
do we need any more wit ness es ?” he asked .
64 “ You have heard the blas phe my . What do
you think ?”
They all con demned him as wor thy of death . 65 Then some be gan to spit at him ; they blind fold ed him , struck him with their fists , and said , “ Proph e sy !” And the guards took him and beat him .
Peter Disowns Jesus
66 While Pe ter was be low in the courtyard , one of the ser vant girls of the high priest came by . 67 When she saw Pe ter warm ing him self , she looked close ly at him .
“ You also were with that Naz a rene , Jesus ,” she said .
68 But he de nied it . “ I don ’ t know or under stand what you ’ re talk ing about ,” he said , and went out into the en try way . a
69 When the ser vant girl saw him there ,
she said again to those stand ing around , “ This fel low is one of them .” 70 Again he denied it .
Af ter a lit tle while , those stand ing near said to Pe ter , “ Sure ly you are one of them , for you are a Gal i le an .”
71 He be gan to call down curs es , and
he swore to them , “ I don ’ t know this man you ’ re talk ing about .”
Jesus Before the Sanhedrin
53 They took Jesus to the high priest ,
and all the chief priests , the el ders and the teach ers of the law came to geth er . 54 Pe ter fol lowed him at a dis tance , right into the court yard of the high priest . There he sat with the guards and warmed him self at the fire .
55 The chief priests and the whole Sana 68 Some early manuscripts entryway and the rooster crowed