NIV Adventure Bible Sampler - Book of Mark - Page 14

1104 Mark 7
What is the “ tradition of the elders ”?
7:5 The “ tradition of the elders ” was the list of many rules that the Pharisees had made up . The Pharisees thought that all of their rules were very important — more important even than God ’ s law and his Word . Jesus said that the Pharisees were wrong . Rules made up by people are never as important as God ’ s Word .
live ac cord ing to the tra di tion of the el ders in stead of eat ing their food with de filed hands ?”
6 He re plied , “ Isa iah was right when he
proph e sied about you hyp o crites ; as it is writ ten :
“‘ These people honor me with their lips , but their hearts are far from me .
7 They worship me in vain ;
their teachings are merely human rules .’ a
8 You have let go of the com mands of God
and are hold ing on to hu man tra di tions .”
9 And he con tin ued , “ You have a fine way
of set ting aside the com mands of God in or der to ob serve b your own tra di tions !
10 For Mo ses said , ‘ Hon or your fa ther and
moth er ,’ c and , ‘ Any one who curs es their father or moth er is to be put to death .’ d 11 But you say that if any one de clares that what might have been used to help their fa ther or moth er is Cor ban ( that is , de vot ed to God ) — 12 then you no lon ger let them do any thing for their fa ther or moth er . 13 Thus you nul li fy the word of God by your tra dition that you have hand ed down . And you do many things like that .”
14 Again Jesus called the crowd to him
and said , “ Lis ten to me , ev ery one , and under stand this . 15 Noth ing out side a per son can de file them by go ing into them . Rath er , it is what comes out of a per son that de files them .” [ 16 ] e
17 Af ter he had left the crowd and en tered
the house , his dis ci ples asked him about this par a ble . 18 “ Are you so dull ?” he asked . “ Don ’ t you see that noth ing that en ters a per son from the out side can de file them ?
19 For it doesn ’ t go into their heart but into
their stom ach , and then out of the body .” ( In say ing this , Jesus de clared all foods clean .)
20 He went on : “ What comes out of a person is what de files them . 21 For it is from with in , out of a per son ’ s heart , that evil thoughts come — sex u al im mo ral i ty , theft , mur der , 22 adul tery , greed , mal ice , de ceit , lewd ness , envy , slan der , ar ro gance and folly . 23 All these evils come from in side and de file a per son .”
Jesus Honors a Syrophoenician Woman ’ s Faith
24 Jesus left that place and went to the vicin i ty of Tyre . f He en tered a house and did not want any one to know it ; yet he could not keep his pres ence se cret . 25 In fact , as soon as she heard about him , a wom an whose lit tle daugh ter was pos sessed by an im pure spir it came and fell at his feet . 26 The woman was a Greek , born in Syr i an Phoe nic ia . She begged Jesus to drive the de mon out of her daugh ter .
27 “ First let the chil dren eat all they
want ,” he told her , “ for it is not right to take the chil dren ’ s bread and toss it to the dogs .”
28 “ Lord ,” she re plied , “ even the dogs under the ta ble eat the chil dren ’ s crumbs .”
29 Then he told her , “ For such a re ply , you
may go ; the de mon has left your daugh ter .”
30 She went home and found her child lying on the bed , and the de mon gone .
Jesus Heals a Deaf and Mute Man
31 Then Jesus left the vi cin i ty of Tyre and
went through Si don , down to the Sea of Gali lee and into the re gion of the De cap o lis . g
32 There some peo ple brought to him a man
who was deaf and could hard ly talk , and they begged Jesus to place his hand on him .
33 Af ter he took him aside , away from the
crowd , Jesus put his fin gers into the man ’ s ears . Then he spit and touched the man ’ s tongue . 34 He looked up to heav en and with a deep sigh said to him , “ Eph pha tha !”
a 6,7 Isaiah 29:13 b 9 Some manuscripts set up c 10 Exodus 20:12 ; Deut . 5:16 d 10 Exodus 21:17 ;
Lev . 20:9 e 16 Some manuscripts include here the words of 4:23 . f 24 Many early manuscripts Tyre and Sidon g 31 That is , the Ten Cities