NIV Adventure Bible Sampler - Book of Mark - Page 11

Mark 5 – 6 1101 you ,” his dis ci ples an swered , “ and yet you can ask , ‘ Who touched me ?’ ”
32 But Jesus kept look ing around to see
who had done it . 33 Then the wom an , knowing what had hap pened to her , came and fell at his feet and , trem bling with fear , told him the whole truth . 34 He said to her , “ Daugh ter , your faith has healed you . Go in peace and be freed from your suf fer ing .”
35 While Jesus was still speak ing , some
peo ple came from the house of Ja i rus , the syn a gogue lead er . “ Your daugh ter is dead ,” they said . “ Why both er the teach er anymore ?”
36 Over hear ing a what they said , Jesus
told him , “ Don ’ t be afraid ; just be lieve .”
37 He did not let any one fol low him except Pe ter , James and John the broth er of James . 38 When they came to the home of the syn a gogue lead er , Jesus saw a com motion , with peo ple cry ing and wail ing loudly . 39 He went in and said to them , “ Why all this com mo tion and wail ing ? The child is not dead but asleep .” 40 But they laughed at him .
Af ter he put them all out , he took the child ’ s fa ther and moth er and the dis ci ples who were with him , and went in where the child was . 41 He took her by the hand and said to her , “ Tal i tha koum !” ( which means “ Lit tle girl , I say to you , get up !”). 42 Imme di ate ly the girl stood up and be gan to walk around ( she was twelve years old ). At this they were com plete ly as ton ished . 43 He gave strict or ders not to let any one know about this , and told them to give her something to eat .
A Prophet Without Honor


Jesus left there and went to his hometown , ac com pa nied by his dis ci ples .
2 When the Sab bath came , he be gan to
teach in the syn a gogue , and many who heard him were amazed .
“ Where did this man get these things ?” they asked . “ What ’ s this wis dom that has been giv en him ? What are these re markable mir a cles he is per form ing ? 3 Isn ’ t this the car pen ter ? Isn ’ t this Mary ’ s son and the broth er of James , Jo seph , b Ju das and Si mon ? Aren ’ t his sis ters here with us ?” And they took of fense at him .
4 Jesus said to them , “ A proph et is not
with out hon or ex cept in his own town , among his rel a tives and in his own home .”
5 He could not do any mir a cles there , ex cept
lay his hands on a few sick peo ple and heal them . 6 He was amazed at their lack of faith .
Jesus Sends Out the Twelve
Then Jesus went around teach ing from vil lage to vil lage . 7 Call ing the Twelve to him , he be gan to send them out two by two and gave them au thor i ty over im pure spirits .
8 These were his in struc tions : “ Take
noth ing for the jour ney ex cept a staff — ​ no bread , no bag , no mon ey in your belts .
9 Wear san dals but not an ex tra shirt .
10 When ev er you en ter a house , stay there
un til you leave that town . 11 And if any place will not wel come you or lis ten to you , leave
a 36 Or Ignoring Joseph
b 3 Greek Joses , a variant of
Parents Who Pray
Read Mark 5:21 – 23,35 – 43 . What did the father do to help his daughter ?
Pretend you are a newspaper reporter . Interview your mother , father , or a grandparent . Ask the questions below . Then write a story about a time someone prayed for you .
Can you remember a time when you prayed hard for me ? Why did you pray then ? What did you say when you prayed ? Why was an answer to this prayer important ? How did God answer the prayer ? What things do you ask God for when you pray for me now ?
Mark 5:21 – 23,35 – 43