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A group of soldiers masked with camouflage veils open fire at a local school. Bullets cut through the dark night as they find their way to the closest living thing. A young boy. He collapses onto the adobe wall of his boarding school and a trail of red blood silently seeps from his tunic. A palm tree sadly sways as it listens to the screams of terror and gunshots echoing through the small village. But this murder doesn’t just happen to one boy at one time, but many innocent people all over the fear struck country of Nigeria.

President of Nigeria, Goodluck Johnathan, a man of integrity and power, is struggling to keep the ongoing fights with the terrorist group “Boko Haram” under control. Boko Haram is a local Islamic terrorist group that has been disrupting Nigeria for four years as they are try to convert northern Nigeria to Islamic ruling. Attacks have taken place all over Nigeria, mainly in the northern parts, and they are happening daily. Everyday people are being attacked, tortured, and tormented by these ruthless terrorists. Children have been killed, schools burned, and Nigeria is swimming in a blood bath. President Johnathan is worried, but he states that the fight "will improve.” (Nigeria leader defends army's role against Boko Haram, 2014.) He also said," I urge you to pray for our dear country to speedily overcome the current challenges we faced, especially, insurgency, terrorism and the heinous killings of innocent children in schools." (AllAfrica, 2014).

Many people believe that the reason for the killing of many innocent lives of local Nigerians is to the fault of President Johnathan. Ever since he was granted the role of President, Nigeria has lived in chaos as the economy has struggled, people have died, and communities have been destroyed. He has little to no plan of action and the only thing he seems to be doing is blaming others for his country's problems. He says that the military are not useful and has even blamed a former military leader for being behind Boko Haram attacks, which was quickly found not true.

President Johnathan is under pressure and has begun to blame his neighboring country Cameroon for the escalating problems of this crisis. Cameroon has refused to cooperate with Nigeria in its efforts to combat the Islamic terrorists. Now Johnathan has begun accusing Cameroon for hosting Boko Haram members because they will not give out information of their hideouts or help the Nigerian Military exterminate them. This has caused many indications that a fight may breakout between the neighboring countries. The president is under pressure and he has called troops into Cameroon to scout out hideouts of terrorists in Cameroon. On March 1st 2014, the Nigerian armed forces located about a dozen hideouts of the Boko Haram in Cameroon. It has been confirmed that Boko Haram has more than a dozen bases and they operate fully from Cameroon. (Nairaland Forum, 2014). Most of their wanted leaders live in this country. President Johnathan now is faced with the decision of whether or not he should send armed forces into Cameroon and fight the Boko Haram, and possibly Cameroonians as well. President Goodluck Johnathan needs to take action and do something about this crisis fast, or more innocent lives will be lost and the country of Nigeria will crumble.

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Nigeria Uncovered/ ISSUE 01

Hide or Seek?

A man of power struggles to keep his country under control.

By Bella Petroccitto