NFC Connections Winter 2020 - Page 20

NFC Tutor Lab Manager Jamen Brock, standing, and Peer Tutor Andres “AJ” Quesada, right, assist NFC student Daniel Jerome during a tutor session. Peer Tutors NFC STUDENTS MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON CAMPUS Student Leaders I n Spring Term 2019, over 530 individual students received help at North Florida College’s Academic Success Center (ASC). Over 325 of those students visited the Peer Tutor Lab where NFC students are employed to offer tutoring services in writing, math and other subjects. Students helping students is a welcoming part of the Tutor Lab’s appeal. NFC students spent nearly 3200 hours with the Academic Success Center during Spring 2019, over 2300 of which were spent either in the Tutor Lab or using our online Peer Tutoring options. 18 NORTH FLORIDA COLLEGE According to Jamen Brock, Tutor Lab Manager at NFC, “we like to have two Peer Tutors from each subject on staff every hour, every day!” During Fall Term 2019, the ASC employed 15 students as Peer Tutors, eight for English and seven for math. In addition to individual and walk-in tutor sessions, the ASC offers online writing consultations, online tutoring and group study sessions. “I highly recommend to everyone to visit the Tutor Lab at NFC,” said NFC student Charlie Fulmer. “The peer tutors are always welcoming and go above and beyond to help you work through the assignment and make sure you understand what is required. Whether face to