NFC Connections Winter 2020 - Page 15

Federally Funded Research student will design and build their own robot and, equipped with a microcomputer, learn how to remotely control and move the robot on water, air or land. Students will learn how to attach actuators and sensors to the robotic vehicle in preparation for a final STEM SEALs competition at NFC in summer 2020. “The NFC STEM SEALs program provides an exceptional opportunity to teachers and students in our district,” said NFC professor Dr. Guenter Maresch, the grants principal investigator. “The grant funding allows NFC to raise the educational experience while providing creative learning incentives that expose middle school students and teachers to practical applications of the science and mathematics curriculum. I applaud NFC’s faculty for helping secure this federal-level grant and bringing this exciting initiative to our community and students.” Ultimately, the research completed at NFC will be used to strengthen STEM training and share the program’s best practices with other colleges and schools. Grant funded by the National Science Foundation to develop engaging, age appropriate, STEM design learning experiences for rural middle school youth. W I N T E R 2 0 2 0 | CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE 13