NFC Connections Winter 2020 - Page 10

Branford High School students, left to right, Ariana Lane, Carly Phifer, Emma Richards, Brice Criggall and Juan Sandoval. NFC LAUNCHES NEW SENTINEL SCHOLARS Collegiate Academy N orth Florida College welcomed 16 students from Suwannee County into its inaugural Sentinel Scholars Collegiate Academy this fall. Nine 9th graders at Suwannee High School and seven at Branford High School will start dual enrollment courses in January as NFC’s first Sentinel Scholars. A collaborative partnership between NFC and the Suwannee County School District, the new program allows participants to earn both a high 8 NORTH FLORIDA COLLEGE school diploma and an Associate in Arts (AA) degree at the end of their 12th grade year. Under the guidance of high school counselors and NFC advisors, Sentinel Scholars begin taking college- level courses at their high school in the spring semester (January) of 9th grade. In 11th grade, students are required to take specific courses on the NFC campus in Madison, and by 12th grade, students are considered full-time NFC students with all coursework at NFC and/or online.