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award [Student of the Year], we look at what makes a student stand out among the rest,” said Page. “This year’s student has a 4.0 cumulative GPA and is graduating with both a high school diploma and an AA degree simultaneously. Even more impressive is this student’s ability to maintain a 4.0 GPA while taking all of the chemistry courses we offer – from the beginning level up to the advanced with Organic Chemistry. This student has earned beyond the 60 credit hours required to complete an AA degree; in fact, this student will graduate with a total of 84 credit hours as a dual enrolled student. Maintaining this level of academic success at the collegiate level while managing high school curriculum and student extra-curricular activities is commendable. Congratulations to you, Dawson, as you pursue the next step in your education experience. We are very, very proud of you here at NFC.” Dawson will transfer to the University of Florida to major in biochemistry this fall. He plans to attend medical school and become an anesthesiologist. “I started taking classes at NFC when I was in the eighth grade,” said Dawson. “When it was mentioned that I have earned 84 credits, it seemed surreal; I must have lost count a few semesters back.” “My advice to any student - whether they are a traditional student, dual enrolled, or returning to college as an adult - is to take everything one semester at a time. Hard work will carry you across the finish line. I am honored to represent the college as the 2020 NFC Student of the Year.” NFC is proud to recognize Dawson as the 2020 NFC Student of the Year. Dawson also received NFC’s 2019-2020 Outstanding Student Award in Sentinels stand together. Chemistry in April. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE STUDENT SUCCESS “Over the past four years, the instructors and staff at NFC have been crucial to my success. The instructors at NFC are willing to go above and beyond to help their students. “ n Jackson SUMMER Dawson Jackson NFC Student of the Year 2020 | CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE 7