NFC Connections Summer 2020 - Page 5

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT SENTINELS STAND TOGETHER TOGETHER WE ARE CREATING HOPE THROUGH EDUCATION This issue of North Florida College’s Connections magazine welcomes you with the words “We create hope” printed in bright gold on the front cover. This very short statement means many things. It reflects the attitude that our faculty bring to their classes and labs every single day as they help you, our student, gain the skills and experience needed to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go. It is the motto of our support staff who put in the time and energy to get to know you and work to understand how to best serve you, our students, alumni, educational partners and community. This is the mission statement of college leadership that centers every single decision made on this campus around what best fulfills your needs. It is the operational core of the North Florida College Foundation as financial support is raised and provided for scholarships and support grants. It is the value embraced by the college’s Board of Trustees who volunteer their time to advocate locally and at the state level to advance NFC’s ability to serve you. This message, this unwavering beacon, holds steady even in this most trying and fearful times. In this issue, you will find many examples of how NFC creates hope. You will read about the NFC Foundation setting a new record for the number of scholarships provided this year, as well as innovate efforts to provide emergency aid to Sentinels who were struggling due to COVID-19 related difficulties. You will encounter the impressive and inspiring stories of NFC’s student of the year and scholarship awardees and find examples of how students of all ages and backgrounds are introduced to, and John Grosskopf prepare for, a variety of rewarding careers. Above all, this issue reiterates that our success is accomplished together with you. For all you have done to support NFC, thank you. Your generous donations and support have touched our hearts and made it possible for the hope of a better future to be realized by our students, many who would not have been able to continue their education without your generosity. Hope is universal and its importance cannot be dismissed. During this difficult time, Sentinels remain committed to standing together, even if we must be physically separated for a time. We will continue to devote ourselves to creating hope for you, for each other, and for the communities we serve. Sincerely, John Grosskopf John Grosskopf President North Florida College SUMMER 2020 | CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE 3