NFC Connections Summer 2020 - Page 12

Passing out chips and scholarship information at Hamilton County High School in March are, left to right, NFC Foundation Board of Directors Member Rhett Bullard, NFC Scholarships Coordinator Annabelle Scott, NFC Foundation Director Judy Lundell and NFC Foundation Board of Directors Chair Karen Mitchell. NFC FOUNDATION, INC. - LET’S TALK SCHOLARSHIPS HAMILTON COUNTY On March 3, representatives of the North Florida College Foundation joined Hamilton County High School seniors for lunch, passing out snacks that quickly linked students to valuable information about NFC scholarships. The NFC Foundation’s informative snacks were bags of potato chips that featured a customized NFC sticker and Quick Response (QR) Code that immediately linked students’ cell phones to NFC’s scholarships web page. NFC Resource Development Director Judy Lundell and Scholarships Coordinator Annabelle Scott, along with NFC Foundation Board of Directors Chair Karen 10 NORTH FLORIDA COLLEGE