NFC Connections Spring 2021 - Page 30

Did certain certifications or credentials

Q : earned at NFC stand-out to your employer ( s )?

When I got the job at Gannett , I was very

A : green in the professional world . The skills that I learned at NFC and applied further at FSU really helped me to get the job . I was able to show that I had not only a bachelor ’ s degree but that I had an AS in Business and specialized certifications that went along with that . All of these seemingly small things really add up and culminate into something big at the end of the day .

What do you find most exciting about your

Q : career in business and accounting ? There is always change happening . You

A : wouldn ’ t expect that in an accounting role , but I am part of such a dynamic company . Work keeps me constantly engaged and interested . Getting to work on revenue recognition standardization and systems integrations is such an exciting thing because you ’ re getting in on the ground floor of large projects and making a name for yourself .

What career accomplishment are you most

Q : proud of at this point in time ?

A :

I ’ m most proud of sticking with it for so long and seeing the journey through this far . When you get into a big corporate structure , it is very intimidating . There are people who are more educated , who have more experience . I knew that going in I had to jump in and get my hands dirty to learn the ins and outs of the industry and make myself known . Fast forward to five years later with Gannett and I ’ m a leader in our group . I was promoted to senior financial analyst this past April . It ’ s all about hanging in for the long haul and finding your place in a team , and I ’ m so proud that I ’ ve been able to do that and make a name for myself that way .
Did anyone at NFC specifically inspire you

Q : along your educational journey ? I will always be eternally grateful to [ NFC

A :

Professors ] Marie Guest and Sharon Brave Heart . They are two extraordinary instructors that truly care for their students . In 2011 I ended up having to leave school and take a break for personal reasons , and the entire time they communicated with me and checked in on me regularly . No other college instructor that I had before them would have thought twice about it , but they cared enough to keep in touch . When I returned in the Summer of 2012 , one of the courses that I took was Principles of Marketing with Mrs .

“ It ’ s the people that make NFC so great .”

Guest and I remember getting my first graded assignment back from her with a comment saying , “ Welcome back – this is where you belong !” Their kindness and compassion were never lost on me , and don ’ t even get me started on their level of instruction . As a ( hopeful ) future instructor , they are what I aspire to be to my own students .
Who inspired you to

Q : continue your education ? There are so many people

A : in my life that pushed me to keep going on my education journey . I was raised by my dad with a sense of urgency when it came to my studies . He always wanted better for me and wanted me to really go out and make something of myself . Watching how hard he worked to provide for my brother and I made me want to push myself and make him proud . Even now as I am back in school as an adult learner and work full time in my chosen professional field , he encourages me . I owe everything that I have become to how he raised me . I also owe a debt of gratitude to my dearly departed aunt , Tammy Kemp , who always made sure that I had what I needed to succeed . They are the biggest motivators that I have in my life and God has blessed me immensely by having them in my life .

Cody Belinkski NFC Alumnus
Why would you recommend attending NFC ?

Q :

The people . I ’ ve mentioned so many things

A : so far , but what it all boils down to is that it ’ s the people that make NFC so great . You get to know so many members of the faculty and student body while you are there because of it being so tightly knit . Take advantage of those things and don ’ t take them for granted because in a larger school , it ’ s not as easy to come by .

Why are you most proud to be an NFC alumnus ?

Q :

I ’ m proud to be part of the legacy of success

A : that NFC has built . I know that I am part of a long line of NFC alumni who have made their mark in the world . Moving forward in my career , I ’ ll always remember the tools that NFC gave me to succeed and the encouragement that was given when I struggled to get back on my feet . NFC is a truly special place and it will always be very near and dear to my heart .