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SUCCESSFUL NFC ALUMNI youtube . com / NorthFloridaCollege

SUCCESSFUL NFC ALUMNI youtube . com / NorthFloridaCollege

What did NFC provide that most helped you achieve your goals ?

Q :

I have talked a lot about the smaller class size , but there is just

A : so much more opportunity at NFC as well . Academic groups abound across campus that either help further your education interests or your extracurricular ones . It ’ s always your choice in how involved you are . Even as a full-time student and working full time , I tried to make time to attend campus events . College isn ’ t just about getting your education , it ’ s about learning to be a more involved person in the world around you .

As a current Florida Atlantic University student , what is most

Q : exciting about this point of your educational journey ? It ’ s most exciting that I have been able to be in the professional

A :

workplace for the last six years before jumping back into my second bachelor ’ s degree . When I originally got my Bachelor ’ s in Economics from Florida State University , it felt rushed in ways . University life is so different from being at a smaller college and feeling that sense of community . It ’ s also different when you ’ re younger and you really don ’ t know much about the field you are studying . This time around , I ’ m more seasoned and know more as we work through the curriculum .
What positive role did NFC play in helping you get to this point ?

Q :

NFC really drilled in the basics for me . I was able to take the

A : accounting competency exam and pass with an A to enter the accounting program at FAU because of the things that I learned at NFC .

What are your goals after graduating from FAU in December 2021 ?

Q :

After graduating from FAU next December , I will immediately

A : be entering the Masters of Accounting program in Spring 2022 and studying for the CPA ( Certified Public Accountant ) Exam . My goal is to eventually become an adjunct at a small college and teach the fundamentals of business and accounting , just as they were taught to me .

What do you like most now about your career in accounting ?

Q :

I love working with numbers . When I started taking

A : economics and accounting courses [ at NFC ] with Mrs . Guest and Mrs . Brave Heart , I just knew that it was something I found interesting . Numbers are a puzzle and they tell a story , it ’ s your job to put it all together and tell the right story . My current job is very analytical in nature and heavy in revenue recognition accounting practices , so I ’ m able to apply all the things that I love to do in this job . I ’ ve recently been working on our team ’ s leadership team and honing my management skills as well , which further expands my job capabilities as I move forward .



’ m proud to be part of the legacy of success that NFC has built . I am part of a long line of NFC alumni who have made their mark in the world . Moving forward in my career , I ’ ll always remember the tools that NFC gave me to succeed .

Cody Belinski NFC Alumnus