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Cody Belinski

Business Matters

Cody Belinski is inspirational . A conversation

with this optimistic , kind and encouraging
North Florida College alumnus is just what one needs to find motivation to follow your heart and find a career and job that you love . Cody did just that at NFC , realizing business and accounting was his true calling .
Cody is currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University working toward a Bachelor of Science in Accounting . He boasts a 4.0 GPA and is on track to complete his degree in December . He graduated with an Associate in Arts degree from NFC in 2011 and an Associate in Science in Business Administration and Management in 2013 . That same year , he was named NFC Business Student of the Year and graduated with honors . After NFC , Cody earned two degrees , a bachelor ’ s in economics and history , at Florida State University in just a year and a half . He graduated from FSU in December 2014 and was recognized on the FSU Dean ’ s List for his outstanding academic achievement . Cody works at Gannett in Tallahassee as a senior financial analyst , focusing on revenue recognition in business-to-business advertising . He began his career at Gannett in 2015 as an accountant . Following is an interview with Cody recorded in late 2020 . You can also see a video interview with this outstanding NFC alumnus at www . youtube . com / NorthFloridaCollege .
When did you realize you wanted to

Q : work in business and accounting ?

A :

To be absolutely honest it kind of came about in a non-traditional way . I was originally on the nursing track but as time went on , I realized I wasn ’ t able to commit the time to the program because of the need to work full-time to help support my household while I was in college . When I got into the business curriculum , I kind of fell in love . Everything really clicked for me and I excelled in the classes . I realized that I was meant to do something in business , more specifically accounting or economics-related .

What was most appealing about Q : NFC ' s business and accounting classes ?

A :

Though there were many appealing aspects , the biggest thing for me was the classes were small relative to larger universities . I knew that being at NFC and taking advantage of the smaller classes was going to benefit me in the long run . When you get to a larger university , the classes grow exponentially and it ’ s harder to get in front of a teacher . At NFC , I always had access to instructors in a timely manner which I think further facilitated my success in the courses .
Why did you complete the AS in Business

Q : Administration at NFC before going to FSU ? Once I knew that I was going to get a business

A : degree , staying at NFC to get the prerequisite courses was a no-brainer . The biggest reason was the smaller class size , but the price of my education also played a big role . The lower-division courses are much cheaper to take at a college like NFC . When you get to a university , they are much more expensive with more additional fees .