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Sarah Wright - LPN to RN Bridge Program
Nursing with plans to continue into the BSN program . “ What I like most about NFC ’ s nursing program is that if you have any questions or concerns there is always someone you can go and talk to . They will help and guide you in the right direction .”
This past year Adelina found strength and encouragement through faith , family and selfmotivation . “ My number one hero over the past year has been my mother , she ’ s encouraged me and has just been there for me when times got tough .”

Sarah Wright - LPN to RN Bridge Program

Sarah Wright lives in Crawfordville and works at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Physician Partners Surgical Specialists as an office nurse in general surgery . She has been there since 2012 and an LPN since 2009 . She is currently enrolled in NFC ’ s LPN to A . S . in Registered Nursing Bridge program .
Wright shared her journey to becoming a nurse last term in a class assignment that illustrates the amazing impact nurses have on the lives of their patients and their families . This is a portion of what she wrote - “ Everyone has their own story as to why they chose to become a nurse . Mine is a mix of life experience and circumstance . I lost a sister when I was about 13 . When she was born there were complications and she was placed in the NICU . Although this time was hard on my family , the care that was provided by the medical staff was nothing short of amazing . Now fast-forward seven years , I ’ m 20-years-old and expecting a child of my own . She was born prematurely and spent nine days in the same NICU my sister was in . One of these nine days was my very first Mother ’ s Day , and it was hard on me emotionally . On this day , a nurse approached me with a gift in hand . She said that she remembered taking care of my sister all those years ago . She gave me a big hug and reassured me that everything was going to be okay . It was at this point that I decided I wanted to be someone like that . Someone who could make a positive impact on a stranger ’ s life . I wanted to be someone my daughter could look up to , but also have a career that would provide stability and ensure I would always be able to take care of her . I remembered that nurse in the NICU and thought to myself , perfect , I will become a nurse . I have been a nurse now for 11 years and could not see myself doing anything else .”
Although the unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging , Wright finds providing care to others continues to push her forward . “ This year , in
more ways than I care to count , has been challenging for all of us and has brought change to many things . The feeling I get from helping others in their time of need however has not changed , and that has been all the encouragement I need to continue furthering my career in nursing .”
NFC ’ s bridge program is a great fit for Wright and works well around her work schedule .
“ I am a hands-on learner , and there are not many in-person bridge programs around . The fact that this program is only two days a week really helps . It allows me fixed time for school , but still provides flexibility to continue working throughout the week .” She also finds NFC to be supportive and ready to help . “ Everyone at NFC seems to want to help you succeed . From the instructors to the staff in student advising , financial aid and the library . I have not met one person who has not been helpful in assisting me with achieving my goals .”
Sarah Wright
After obtaining her RN license ,
Wright says she may consider continuing into NFC ’ s BSN program . Whatever comes , she is excited about the future . “ Getting my RN will provide me with so many more opportunities in the medical field . I am excited to see where I ’ ll end up .”