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Kara Padgett - RN Student

Inspiring and Caring


Nurses often set out in their careers pledging

to “ do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession ” as they recite The Nightingale Pledge at pinning and graduation ceremonies . They are our heroes , our caretakers , a shoulder to cry on , lifesavers , and often called to the profession due to an overwhelming desire to help others . Now nurses are on the front lines of a pandemic that has raged on longer than expected and taken its toll on our nation .
Before the COVID-19 pandemic , nursing was already considered a stressful , nonetheless rewarding profession . At the onset of the pandemic , 87 % of nurses surveyed by the American Nurses Association said they were afraid to go to work . Sixty-eight percent of the 32,174 surveyed said they were worried about being short-staffed . Overwhelmingly , one of the top concerns among nurses , who often put their patients ’ health and safety before their own , was keeping their families safe .
So many stories of brave nurses and frontline workers have lifted our spirits during these troubling times . At North Florida College , we are inspired by the stories of our students and invite you to meet a few brave nurses who are currently working in the field and dedicating time to further their education .

Kara Padgett - RN Student

NFC student Kara Padgett describes herself as “ your average person who is trying to make a better life for myself and my family .” She lives in Perry and works at Premier Medical Clinic in Tallahassee as a part-time phlebotomist and part-time insurance authorization coordinator . Kara became a certified nursing assistant ( CNA ) at 17-years-old . After complications with her first pregnancy , she took time off to raise her two children . When nursing resurfaced as a career path , she became certified in phlebotomy and landed her current job at Premier Medical Clinic . “ Once I was there for a few months , I found myself wanting to learn more and expand my skills ,” said Kara . She aspires to become an advanced registered nurse practitioner ( ARNP ) so her “ family can be financially stable ” and after completing
Kara Padgett