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continues to offer the best and most advanced training opportunities to area nursing students . " The highfidelity birthing simulator is an answered prayer because it is sometimes very difficult to gain access to maternal child areas of the hospital and our students have very limited time and exposure to those areas ," said Holland . " The versatility of the simulator can be incorporated into courses throughout the nursing education curriculum ."
Lucina can also be converted into a non-pregnant female patient simulator and used at other times when NFC is not teaching maternal health . A simulation to demonstrate shaken baby syndrome is also found in the Kate Ireland Nursing Simulation Laboratory along with additional equipment for various training simulations .
" Today we got to see the Kate Ireland Simulation Lab and it was amazing ," said Danny MacQuirter of Allen , Mooney & Barnes Investment Advisors . " The instructors are so well prepared to teach the students . I think we are going to be sending the best-trained nursing students out of North Florida College nursing school . I am very proud of what is being done here ."
According to Lundell , the current COVID-19 safety measures on campus have postponed a community open house , but the College is eager to show-off the lab and new equipment . " We plan to have an open house for the community as soon as possible ," said Lundell .
" The new level of technology that we have been able to get through this funding has been amazing ," said Jennifer Raulerson , NFC RN Instructor . " It ' s making North Florida College an exciting place to come to school . We have technology available now that the large universities may have , but for us to be a smaller school , to have the one-on-one attention that students have here , and still have the high level of technology that we have been able to obtain is going to make a big difference in the lives of our students ."
Kate Ireland ( 1930-2011 ) was a champion of education and advancing healthcare in rural areas . To this day , Kate ' s commitment to giving and helping others lives on through the Parker Poe Charitable Trust , established by Kate to fund deserving organizations and projects that make a profound difference .
" The NFC nursing department would like to thank the Parker Poe Charitable Trust for their donation ," said Holland . " It will impact our students for years to come ."


Emma F . Wyche Memorial Scholarship

Addie Bowen , left , is the 2020 and first recipient of

NFC ’ s Emma F . Wyche Memorial Scholarship .
Established in 2019 , the scholarship honors Emma ’ s life ( 1932-2019 ) and her long history of service to her community and education . Exactly one year after Emma ’ s passing , Addie met with Emma ’ s daughterin-law Lynn Wyche , right , who is also the Director of Learning Resources at NFC . Addie is a graduate of Aucilla Christian Academy . She plans to major in accounting after completing her studies at NFC .

Tammy Monlyn Memorial Scholarship

Derrick Holt , left , is the 2020 recipient of NFC ’ s

Tammy Monlyn Memorial Scholarship .
Tammy ’ s son Desmond Roberson , right , and his wife established the NFC Foundation scholarship . Desmond describes his mother as a fighter and an unsung hero ; her family and friends remember her well as a woman of strength and heart . Derrick , a first-generation college student , is enrolled in NFC ’ s registered nursing program . He says that “ Knowing there is somebody there helping , saying ‘ I know you can do it ’ gives me confidence and eliminates the excuses from my vocabulary .”

www . nfc . edu / foundation-giving