NFC Connections Fall 2017 - Page 6

M ESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDATI ON DI RECTOR T he North Florida Community College Foundation’s mission is simply to support North Florida Community College. We are committed to this mission. The NFCC Foundation uses donations to support scholarships, programs and other endeavors that our donors make known to us. We have the ability to offer our support in a wide variety of ways. The majority of our support goes to students in the form of scholarships, but recently the community has reached out and has inquired about how we can best partner to make this a better community for all of us. As committed partners with our community, we are assured that our partners are committed, as well. As we strive to give our best to the community, they in return give their best to NFCC. Great partnerships are forged with this strong level of commitment. This community commitment was apparent in the beginning, and has remained strong over the past 60 years. For those who attended NFJC, SRJC or NFCC, there were many good times on and off campus. Those times included making new friends, some that remained life-long friends over the years. Some even met and married their life-long friends. Whenever our students are here with us, their community of friends change, they change – they grow up a little and set goals for their lives. Whatever students need to help them move toward their goals, we provide it. Some want to move on to a university, but they all want an education that will help them make better lives for themselves and their families. The Foundation helps these students through your donations. We ask you to commit to North Florida Community College as we provide the education that helps students move toward their goals. Your commitment, your donations and contributions are very much appreciated and used to give back to North Florida Community College, the students and programs we serve. We ask you to partner with us to do this. The North Florida Community College Foundation is a separate, not-for- profit, IRS-approved 501©(3) corporation chartered to provide a vehicle for acquiring and receiving gifts. These contributions are managed by a voluntary Board of Directors representing business and civic leaders and College personnel from the six counties served by NFCC which include Madison, Taylor, Jefferson, Suwannee, Hamilton and Lafayette counties. The North Florida Community College Foundation Board of Directors works diligently to ensure that the needs of the community are heard and served. If you meet one of our Directors, please let him or her know what an outstanding job the Board is doing. Let them know how you support our mission and the work the Board members are doing. I invite you to partner with us in our commitment to our community. Please contact me if you wish to be part of this commitment of serving our community. You may email me at; call me at (850) 973-9416; or mail me at 325 NW Turner Davis Drive, Madison, Florida 32340. Our website is Thank you. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you. Sincerely, Dr. Cheryl S. James Dr. Cheryl S. James Executive Director of Development and External Affairs North Florida Community College 4 NORTH FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE THE NORTH FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE MAGAZINE FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MARK WIGGINS, CHAIR Taylor County JULIUS HACKETT, VICE CHAIR Jefferson County JANEGALE BOYD Jefferson County LUCILE DAY Madison County ELOUISE GREEN Lafayette County MACEO HOWELL Hamilton County DR. ALVIN B. JACKSON, JR. Suwannee County KAREN MITCHELL Hamilton County SCOTT MIXON Taylor County CHAN PERRY Lafayette County ELESTA PRITCHETT Madison County MARCIA WEBB Madison County HAL THOMAS Lafayette County MICHAEL R. WILLIAMS NFCC District Board of Trustees Liaison JOHN GROSSKOPF NFCC President ANDREW BARNES Board Treasurer, NFCC CFO CONNECT WITH US