Nexion Escape Spring 2020 - Page 53

LEAVE YOUR PITH HELMET BEHIND Good news: There’s no need to dress in khaki nor wear those wide, circular pith helmets famous in Hollywood movies. However, other clothing rules do apply. Avoid blue and black clothes, since they attract tsetse flies. Avoid red, or else the animals will avoid you, and camouflage too, since you don’t want to be mistaken for a poacher. And avoid white, since Africa is a dusty place. Instead, wear comfortable, breathable, quick-drying clothes that you can layer to suit your needs. As for that pith helmet, a wide-brim hat will be necessary to keep the sun at bay. BRING YOUR SERIOUS CAMERA The moments you will experience during a safari are literally jaw-dropping. Lionesses fighting over dinner, a family of elephants walking just a few feet away from your 4x4, a massive herd of zebras galloping across the plains. To capture these moments, your cellphone will not be adequate. It’s time to pull out that fancy camera you bought years ago and learn how to take advantage of its various lenses. Some of the best photo ops will be several hundred yards away, so a camera with serious zoom will be advantageous. The same can be said for binoculars. Many safari outfits provide high-quality binoculars to use on game drives, but not all of them. If you need to bring your own, get a pair with at least 8x to 10x magnification. To learn more about the many safari options you can choose from, contact our agency today. Contact Our Agency to Plan Your Personalized Escape · 51