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S A FA R I S 101 EACH REGION IS UNIQUE Whatever vision of the classic safari you’re thinking of exists somewhere in Africa, but it does not exist everywhere in Africa. The giant continent is made up of numerous regions, each with its own range of animals and safari styles. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is ideal for witnessing the great migration of wildebeests between June and July, while Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is better between July and October. You can track golden monkeys and gorillas in Central Africa, though it’s best to go to South Africa, specifically Kruger National Park, to spot the Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, elephants and Cape buffaloes. It helps to discuss your goals and time frames upfront when preparing for a trip this ambitious. SAFARIS COME IN ALL STYLES Once you narrow down the region you wish to explore, next is choosing which safari style best fits your dreams. Each brings unique levels of comfort, as well as different modes of travel. Classic safaris find you in a camp in the middle of a game park or reserve, a host of 4x4s and guides ready to take you through the wilderness. Luxury safaris surround you with surprising opulence, complete with modern bathrooms and gourmet meals, all while placing you so close to the animals that you may be awakened by curious giraffes at your window. Active safaris immerse you in the action, as you safely paddle your canoe or kayak past elephants and hippos in the Zambezi River. And educational safaris add another element to your tour, providing expert instruction on photography or conservationism during your journey. 50 · escape · SPRING 2020