Nexion Escape Spring 2020 - Page 50

Safaris 101 W H AT YOU SHOU L D K NOW BEFOR E E M BA R K I NG ON A N A F R IC A N SA FA R I BY JONATHAN HER MAN N A n African safari is the zenith of experiential travel. It’s a once-in- a-lifetime expedition that combines epic adventure, soul-stirring landscapes, spine-tingling wildlife encounters and indulgent luxury. It’s what bucket lists were made for, and nearly every traveler dreams of embarking on one … one day. While that dream of an African safari seems ephemeral to some, the reality of these journeys is more tangible than you think. Once the details are laid out before you in the paragraphs to come, you’ll see that a safari is just like any other global adventure, albeit one filled with trumpeting elephants, parades of wildebeests and the occasional 400-pound silverback gorilla ambling by in the waist-high grass. And like any other global adventure, all you need to do is answer that wild call that echoes in your heart and say, “Yes. Let’s do this.” 48 · escape · SPRING 2020