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Victoria Woolshed Waterfalls, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia Directly south of South Wales is the state of Victoria — but fires are of many companies dedicating half of all profits toward wildlife indifferent when it comes to borders. Much of Victoria’s east coast conservation, allowing you to experience the natural beauty of was hit hardest in tandem with New South Wales’ coast. With the Australia while simultaneously helping it. With wildlife conservation fires now abated, entire towns are desperate for tourism to flourish. If in mind, Victoria also hosts plenty of dedicated animal sanctuaries you arrive in Melbourne, plan to head east for a chance to make the and organizations. The Koala Clancy Foundation is a nonprofit biggest difference. charity that sits right outside of Melbourne, making it an excellent Blackwood, Clunes, Beechworth and Bright — all towns well worth a visit and an overnight stay. If just visiting isn’t enough to satiate your desire to do good, as with New South Wales, there are more direct options. In addition to the organizations listed above, the Victorian government has established a fund for affected families and communities, while the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal is raising funds to distribute as grants for rural and regional communities. Additionally, WIRES Wildlife rescue is accepting not only donations for saving wildlife but handmade pouches for small marsupials to recuperate in. For a more interactive approach, Echidna Walkabout Tour is one first stop of your vacation should you be arriving in Melbourne. Dedicated to supporting the wild koalas of Victoria, they offer Koala Conservation Days — a day in which you can dedicate yourself to helping rebuild koalas’ natural habitats by planting trees or removing harmful boneseed weeds. Want to help make a difference, but had a different idea for what your vacation might entail? This was just a head start on brainstorming: There’s a whole world out there that could use your help. Humanitarian travel opportunities abound around the globe. To learn more about the many ways your travel can make a difference, contact our agency today. Contact Our Agency to Plan Your Personalized Escape · 45