Nexion Escape Spring 2020 - Page 42

Traveling with Purpose H O W A N A U S T R A L I A N VA C A T I O N C A N HELP AREAS AFFECTED BY WILDFIRES BY JUSTIN GIBSON A ustralia, California, the Amazon, Puerto Rico — it's tough to watch climate change devastate some of the world’s most unique, most vibrant locales. The images that poured through our social media feeds of Australia recently — where dozens of fires collectively ravaged huge swaths of the continent and caused unprecedented destruction — were particularly heart- wrenching, inspiring millions to donate to various relief efforts. But there’s another way you can help. Like a drop of rain or a single vote in an election, it’s the little things that add up. Besides your spending being another way of voting for what you condone, tourism is often a driving force of recovery for affected locales. With that in mind, Australia could definitely use your help, and you could probably use a vacation. Here’s a head start on where to head and how to help. 40 · escape · SPRING 2020