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T he cradle of Western civilization, the Mediterranean has always been a magical place. Iconic Greek and Roman monuments, Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance masterpieces have endured the test of time, not to mention the region’s long and storied affair with viniculture, the pervasive passion for all things culinary — and simply living well. Mediterranean cruises offer the perfect combination of Old World beauty and modern charisma. Experience the top treasures as well as the lesser-traveled corners of the Mediterranean too — hideaways in Sardinia and Corsica and prehistoric temples on Malta. Curated to showcase both marquee destinations and smaller boutique ports throughout the Mediterranean, these voyages bring you the essence of this magical region. Once you visit the Mediterranean, you will return, again and again. With OLife Choice * , Oceania Cruises’ limited-time inclusive package, enjoy roundtrip airfare * and free Internet plus choose one: up to eight shore excursions, free Beverage Package or up to $800 Shipboard Credit See Terms and Conditions on page 54 Oceania Cruises’ Destination Specialists have crafted a range of imaginative touring options, designed for the seasoned traveler who loves exploring the Mediterranean, but wants new and fascinating experiences in these classic destinations. Revered gastronomy, local culture and timeless wellness practices are illuminated. Go Local Tours open the door to homes and businesses for memorable immersions in the local way of life; Food & Wine Trails Tours offer exclusive foodie experiences; and Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar bring you age-old secrets to longevity and vitality. Much more than just excursions ashore, these ultimate destination explorations connect you more deeply with the local culture, and they reveal meaningful experiences in new and favorite ports. NEW GO LOCAL TOURS St Paul's Cathedral, Mdina, Malta New, small-batch Go Local Tours take you beyond the expected sites and embed you in the fabric of local communities with one-of-a-kind looks at history, cuisine and culture. Go Local Tours means exploring the Mediterranean with local fishermen, farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs. Riviera docked in Kotor, Montenegro Contact Our Agency to Plan Your Personalized Escape · 15