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Get to know … Taylor Taylor

Taylor Taylor

To say that Taylor is “ all in ” is an understatement . In the Fall of 2017 , a friend introduced Taylor to Pickleball ; she was immediately hooked and determined to fill her life ( personal and professional ) with the joy and wellness of Pickleball !
A tennis player for over 35 years and a teaching professional for almost 20 years , Taylor began playing and teaching Pickleball at the club where she worked as Director of Sales and Marketing . She started her own Pickleball Club and within 6 months there were over 100 members and 8 painted courts on 2 indoor tennis courts . Within a year , Taylor started a non-profit organization called G . A . M . E ., Inc . ( Group Activities Meaningful to Everyone ) that teaches a social-emotional learning curriculum based on Adverse Childhood Experiences through the game of Pickleball . The non-profit adapted and evolved during COVID and now has several sustainability verticals including equipment and apparel sales and court construction . As part of her desire to be “ all in ”, Taylor became a certified PPR instructor and clinician and now travels to PPR workshops teaching people how to teach .
“ Pickleball has truly been a God-send . I was unable to play tennis anymore due to several knee surgeries and was not sure what the second half of my life / career would look like without it . Then , Pickleball fell out of the sky and into my world . The Pickleball culture , whether recreational or competitive , facilitates inclusivity and encouragement and brings happiness and health to ALL who are blessed to have a friend who cared enough to introduce it to them . My goal is to continue to spread this gift through G . A . M . E ., Inc . and the PPR . I love being in front the group watching them get excited to learn and be better – both on and off the court !”
Taylor serves as a PPR Clinician conducting PPR Certification Workshops around the country . She was a tennis professional for 20 years in Memphis – she was a club pro and a high school coach and assistant college coach . Since her introduction to pickleball , she has changed career paths and started a non-profit called GAME , Inc . ( Group Activities Meaningful to Everyone ) GAME helps teach a socialemotional learning curriculum based on Adverse Childhood Experiences ( ACEs ) taught through Pickleball . www . pprpickleball . org July 2021 Around The Post 9