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So what ’ s the recipe ? HERE YOU GO . . .
Establish Expectations for Good Behavior Listen & follow instructions Play safely with equipment Be a good sport ( aka , treat others nicely ) Clearly Define Consequences for Misbehavior Polite warning Temporary time-out ( kid comes back when they are ready )
Permanent time-out ( kid sits out the remainder of the class and a discussion with the parents is held regarding their behavior )
Reward Good Behavior
Instant challenge for a prize right on the spot during class when great behavior is being demonstrated
Treats or small prizes at the end of class ( this could just be a chance to beat the coach ) Season ending award ( trophy , certificate , gift , etc .)
Note : Guidelines and Expectations should be discussed and agreed upon with the students and parents at the beginning of the program .
The key to this recipe for it to work is , FOLLOW THROUGH , and I am not talking about hitting a pickleball with more depth ! Constantly reinforce and reward good behavior to avoid misbehavior . If a kid misbehaves , catch it immediately . Do not let things slide , even small things . Catch every misbehavior early with gently reminders and positive statements but addressing what isn ’ t appropriate as well at the same time = “ compliment sandwich .” For instance , “ Mario , I love your energy each time you come to class , but you need to follow the instructions more carefully so you can do the game correctly and have more fun .” This is where coaches and adults often fail . They don ’ t want to have an awkward moment to point out misbehavior and will not enforce any consequences . If you can get past any concerns about awkward moments and just talk to the kids honestly about the good and the bad , ( what ’ s okay , what ’ s not okay ) and how you can help them get on the right track , you will be amazed at what happens !
If you would like to see these concepts in action , I encourage you to take the Virtual PPR Youth Development Workshop , which will be available , August 1 , 2021 . This workshop covers basic techniques & tactics to keep it fun and simple for kids , but also features how activities are managed and how to create an ideal learning environment for youth . Participants get a completion certificate and a digital copy of the USA Pickleball Youth Playbook . See page 8 for more info .
Thanks for being a youth coach . I hope this information has been helpful to you and best wishes on your youth programs !
Jason Jamison is a Certified Professional and National Clinician with the Professional Pickleball Registry ( PPR ). Jason is a Certified Youth Sports Administrator with the National Alliance for Youth Sports . He is also a Recreation Programs Advisor for USA Pickleball helping steer growth initiatives for youth , collegiate , and adult / senior populations . Jason discovered Pickleball at a National Physical Education Conference in 2005 .
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