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Managing Behavior in Youth The Ultimate Key to Player Performance By Jason Jamison

As certified coaches , we often focus on gaining knowledge in technical and tactical areas of the game . Also , we often crave for new games to keep classes energized for our students . I have always had a special interest in dynamic games for large groups and how to tease out technical and tactical themes . One thing that easily gets overlooked , though , is the importance of creating a positive environment for the students . This is essential to achieve the best experiences while learning the sport and to develop the players more effectively .
As an example , a coach can have some great games in mind to use with their students and have a good background in technical and tactical concepts , but if the students aren ’ t motivated , giving their best effort , or they are being unsafe and disruptive , none of that knowledge will have the impact necessary to improve player performance .
Essentially , what proceeds everything is the environment that is established for the class . This includes how students are engaged in activities , positive reinforcement techniques , and how to deal with difficult behavior . As someone who studied a great deal in the tactical and technical areas of sport and presented on fun games for coaches at conferences , I feel the greatest leap in my coaching came when I learned how to truly work with youth behavior from experts in the field .
In a nutshell , these experts would reinforce that , ‘ it doesn ’ t matter what sport or what skills you are trying to teach kids . If they are not well behaved and engaged effectively in activity , none of the instruction or games will have any success .’ If we pride ourselves as pickleball coaches and believe that these sports can teach life lessons , then how kids are treated , reassured , and even disciplined is truly the only way the activities can build character . There is a famous quote that states , “ Sport and competition does not build character , it reveals it .” It ’ s how we weave in life lessons through sport and activity and address misguided behavior quickly and respectfully that can have the greatest impact on youth physically and emotionally .
So how do you get started with gaining some of these techniques and tools for reinforcing positive behavior and dealing with misbehavior ? These same tools and techniques that have helped me greatly in my coaching career ?
That brings us to the ultimate formula in youth management which works great for maintaining good behavior for kids at home too . It is what renowned physical educator , Dr . Robert Pangrazi advocates , it is the formula of the “ Super Nanny ” from Reality TV , and really works ! I work with kids all the time and like to keep things fun and silly but blended with some very firm structure where needed so kids understand what ’ s acceptable and not acceptable . If you follow this recipe and stick to it , even if a kid really pushes the envelope , you will truly make a difference for the student and all the other students benefit as well . You will also look forward to teaching your classes versus dreading certain students or lessons .
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