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aged adults can easily be turned on to pickleball through events featuring alcoholic beverages with catchy titles such as “ Sip and Serve ” or “ Get Pickled ” or family oriented events with names like “ Pickleball for All ”. The key for this category is to keep things light and fun as this age demographic is looking for an outlet from work , raising kids , and other life stresses . Certain players in this category , particularly the former high level tennis players , will start to look for more competitive scenarios as they become more involved in pickleball . This is why we must offer leagues , ladder play , and tournament play to fulfill this desire .
The more we combine our pickleball events with golf and tennis events , the better . We want to be a sport of inclusion . Tennis players can continue to play tennis , while adding pickleball to the mix . Pickleball does not hurt your tennis game . In fact , it helps reinforce fundamentals of net play , transitioning forward , and doubles strategy and tactics . Many events can be marketed and run as multi-sport social events . Again , the catchier the name for these events , the better . At country clubs , it ’ s crucial to make pickleball enthusiasts feel as important as tennis players by offering Club Championship and Member-Guest Tournaments for all pickleball categories as well as tennis categories .
In conclusion , we must tailor our pickleball programs to suit the needs of each age demographic in order to maintain our core group of age 55 and up pickleball players , while adding younger blood to the mix to grow the game . It ’ s imperative that we offer a vast array of play options that are creative and fulfill the wants and needs of players of every age and skill level , no matter where they fit on the social / competitive continuum . We must offer open plays , socials and mixers , privates and clinics , ladders and leagues , tournaments , and more . We must also work closely with engineers and think outside the box to improve court surfaces and balls so that we can keep people playing more and longer . As is the case in pickleball play , “ forwards ever , backwards never ”
Kevin is a certified PPR Pickleball Professional and a certified PTR Tennis Professional at Duck Woods Country Club in NC . He has over 16 years of experience in Racquet Sports coaching all ages and levels of players . Kevin graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Kinesiology , where he played NCAA Division 1 Tennis .
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