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DAN ’ S FOR THE Record

Hard to believe we are halfway through summer ! All the calls and emails we get here at PPR indicate that pickleball continues to grow . The current stats have pickleball at 4.2 million players in the USA , and some say this number is over 5 million players -- and still climbing .
Dan Santorum PPR CEO
I had the opportunity this Spring to meet with USA Pickleball CEO , Stu Upson and COO , Justin Maloof in Phoenix , AZ . We met at the JW Marriott Desert Springs , which is now the new home of USA Pickleball . It is an impressive property that will no doubt host many pickleball tournaments and events in the future . We had a productive discussion on working with Ambassadors , industry initiatives , rating clinics , sponsorship , USA Pickleball Nationals , and much more .
I wanted to let you know about a few new items that may be of interest to you . We are making additions to our education and certification . The current PPR certification is for Adult Development . In 2022 , we are going to add PPR Youth Development certification . In 2023 , we will debut the PPR High Performance certification .
First , the PPR Youth Play & Development Workshop covers basic techniques & tactics to keep it fun and simple for kids , but also features instruction on how activities are managed and how to create an ideal learning environment for youth . Participants receive a digital copy of the USA Pickleball Youth Playbook in addition to the 90 minute video course . Upon completion , coaches will receive a certificate in Youth Play & Development .
Course Developer and PPR Professional , Jason Jamison , states , “ I am excited to be able to produce a youth development course for the PPR that will be offered in person at the East Coast Conference on Hilton Head Island , Feb . 10 & 11 th as well as virtually throughout the year . My goal is to help coaches feel more comfortable working with kids in different settings and to provide them with the tools needed to develop players based on a foundation of fun , positive reinforcement , and caring .”
See page 8 for more information about the exciting content in the PPR Youth Development Course . Register today !
Next is player ratings . With the boom in pickleball , several club directors have contacted us asking if PPR could do clinics on how to rate their members . Providing a rating for club players accomplishes several things for you , your members , and your club , including :
Club members get a rating to compete and a few tips along the way The host pro avoids any negative fallout from club members over their rating Host pros can also make income by providing the PPR rating clinic The host club and pro are providing a service for its members
It ’ s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around !
If you are interested in hosting a PPR Ratings Clinic , please contact Karolina at 843-842-9777 or email her at Karolina @ pprpickleball . org . We are currently making plans for Jarrett Chirico to conduct a ratings clinic at the East Coast Conference !
Finally , here are two fantastic educational events to put on your calendar . The PPR West Coast Conference is set for Indian Wells , CA , on Sunday , December 12th , and the PPR East Coast Conference is scheduled for Hilton Head Island , SC , on February 10 – 11th . Hilton Head Island will be offered both face-to-face and virtual . We look forward to having you join us at these two conferences !
We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer , and thanks for your continued support of PPR ! www . pprpickleball . org July 2021 Around The Post 3