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OnCourt OffCourt Launches Yoga , Wellness & Recovery Line - Off Court Care and Training for Athletes
OnCourt OffCourt is excited to launch its new yoga , wellness and recovery line with off court equipment , tools and training for athletes , including the multi-purpose ( works as a mat , bolster , meditation cushion , block and more ) Foldable Yoga Mat and non-slip Get-A-Grip mat . Both these mats are unique , eco-friendly , durable and more affordable than many of the leading brands .
To learn more visit www . OnCourtOffCourt . com / wellness or http :// thefoldableyogamat . com or email kalindi @ oncourtoffcourt . com .
Thinking about a Ball Machine for your Pickleball Program ? We have 2 great options !
Looking to improve your skills or a way to generate revenue at your courts ?
The Playmate Pickleball Machine can throw all the necessary shots , including the Dink Shot , at a very fast frequency to five positions on the court including programmable random . User friendly , the Pickleball Machine has a 2-function remote control , holds 150 balls and is commercial grade .
Call 800-776-6770 or visit our website www . playmatepickleball . com to get your Free Demo today !
Sports Tutor has a full line of pickleball ball machine models at 15 % off for PPR . The Pickleball Tutor Plus and Pickleball Tutor Spin differ in the spins they can put on the ball . Plus – Topspin and Backspin . Spin – Right and Left Sidespin . The Pickleball Tutor Mini model is the most compact pickleball machine available . The Multi-Twist is designed for beginners , both kids and adults .
Sports Tutor gives PPR members a 15 % discount . Just call 818-972-2772 to place your order and reference your PPR # for your discount pricing !
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