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Over the past several years , the two-handed backhand has rapidly become more and more prevalent among players of all levels . This shot , borrowed from tennis , has seen an increase in use by pros and amateurs alike . So what is it that makes it such a weapon on the pickleball court ?
STABILITY As more and more players hit the ball with increased power , it is advantageous to have additional stability to defuse pace . By adding your second hand behind the paddle , you give yourself extra reinforcement that you lack with a one-handed backhand , which allows you to absorb pace and spin more easily .
POWER The speed and power of the game is steadily increasing , making it essential to be able to generate power off both wings . By supporting the paddle behind your grip with your top hand , you can pull the paddle through the hitting zone much like hitting an opposite hand forehand , with your dominant hand guiding at the bottom . Another advantage of placing your non-dominant hand on the paddle is that it connects it to your bottom hand , forcing you to engage your back hip into the swing .
DECEPTION Disguising the intent of your shots from your opponents is something that turns a good player into a great player . Deception is enhanced by the top hand maneuvering the paddle through the hitting zone more quickly than with a one-handed backhand and holds the threat of a sudden topspin attack by quickly rolling over with the top hand . By being able to hold your shot longer and execute it more abruptly , you give your opponents fewer clues as to where you will be directing the ball , which keeps them off balance .
DEFENSE Your defense is improved by the stability of two hands , allowing you to absorb and counter powerful shots more comfortably . You are also able to quickly and accurately place the paddle behind the ball , boosting your defense significantly from what can be achieved with a one-handed backhand . A third advantage is being able to turn your paddle into a classic shortstop fielding position ; your defense against low balls is improved when you ’ re able to comfortably rest both hands and paddle face between your feet , out in front of you .
TOPSPIN Being able to generate topspin is enormously important for many reasons , and the second hand makes hitting topspin much more natural . Using the top hand to drag up on the ball gives you access to topspin with relative ease . Whether you utilize topspin from the baseline , the kitchen , or in between , it opens up more attacking opportunities from every area of the court .
MANEUVERABILITY The second hand helps you to move the paddle into position for any given shot more quickly and accurately . The maneuverability also supplies versatility , allowing you to partially let go with either hand in order to twist the paddle face to a more flexible angle than could be achieved with just one hand .
There are clearly many benefits to the two-handed backhand so , next time you ’ re out on court , consider adding that second hand on the paddle — it is a shot that is on the rise at all levels and you may want to add it as a new weapon in your arsenal .

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