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For example , your draw has a start time of 8am , this means your entire draw and all players within it will start at this time . After completing your first match , you will wait at the venue until your next opponents have completed their match . Since the length and time of any given match can vary , your wait time will also vary . Listen up or have your phone handy as this is how you will be notified of details of your next match including your opponents and your court assignment . The varying time between matches is where learning how to properly hydrate and fuel can be tricky , but after a few events , you will figure out what works best for you !
What happens if you lose your match ? Since many pickleball tournaments use a double elimination format this means that you must lose twice to be out of the bracket . This not only gives you the chance to play more games in a day , but you can also lose a match and still win your way back to the Gold Medal round ! In that scenario , the team in the main draw has not yet lost a match , if the team from the back-draw beats them , both teams now have one loss . This is where it gets exciting ! The teams must then play a final and decisive match to determine the gold medal winners !
Now that you understand what to expect , let ’ s cover how to be more prepare for a day at the pickleball courts !
Preparation :
Know the rules ( visit USA Pickleball to download or order a rulebook ) – matches can be won or lost if you don ’ t have proper knowledge of the rules
Have several paddles ready to go - just like you would have had several tennis rackets , a broken paddle is just as bad as broken strings exact number being determined by the format of the tournament . These time outs can be strategically used to break momentum , calm nerves , discuss a game plan , or to obtain hydration / fuel .
Now that you have a basic understanding of your day , you are ready to compete and make the most of your pickleball tournament experience !
Christine Barksdale
Christine has been with HEAD Pickleball for 2 years as the National Pickleball Marketing and Promotions Manager and is integral in product development . Christine started playing pickleball 10 years ago when her dad taught her to play . She is a former 5.0 tennis player and now is a Senior Pro Pickleball player . Christine and partner Bonnie Williams took second in Senior Pro Doubles at the 2019 USA Pickleball National Championships held at Indian Wells Tennis Garden .
Check / confirm your start time and check in time Day Of
Pack up the car with : Snacks Hydration Lunch Lawn chair / blanket
Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your designated start time
Check In Get your court assignment Have Fun !
The final , and often most , very important , thing to remember is time outs . Tennis players are used to natural breaks in the set when switching sides , however , in a pickleball tournament , each team remains on their side of the court through the entirety of the game , or in shortened games , through the halfway mark . As such , each team is allowed several time outs per game with the
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