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Competitive World of Pickleball

By Christine Barksdale
As the sport of pickleball grows , so too , does the competitive side . Pickleball tournaments have seen a rise in popularity going from a handful of tournaments to over 100 being held each month ! With so many tournaments happening and so many players entering the sport every day , there is always that first tournament experience . Stepping into a pickleball tournament can be quite an eye opening experience , especially for tennis players that are used to knowing exactly what time their match is and exactly how many matches per day they will play . I can personally attest to the somewhat shocking experience I encountered when I played my first pickleball tournament 11 years ago .
In talking with pickleball Pro Sarah Ansboury , about the differences , we thought it might be helpful to share some insight on what to expect and how to prepare for your first pickleball tournament !
In pickleball :
All matches of an event are played in one day ( be prepared to be there all day !)
Over the course of one weekend - on Friday you might play singles , on Saturday doubles and Sunday mixed doubles
Most USA Pickleball sanctioned events are double elimination , so even with a loss you can still work your way back to the gold medal round and win the event
Many events have referees to track score , player positioning , and watch for non-volley zone faults
Generally Gold , Silver and Bronze medals are awarded in each event category each day
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