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- I finally had the chance to visit the Emperor Qin Shi ’ . huang s Mausoleum Site Museum While standing in front of the solemn army and walking through the , production processes in the exhibition hall a young craftsman working on the funerary sculptures . quietly appeared Through immersing himself in the crafting of burial , , figures he was pursuing his genuine passion and . thankful for his family and apprenticeship Year , after year his role has rotated around producing . different parts of the figures He advanced from , . , making the parts to overseeing the processes Yet he only had one wish – that the soldiers would . successfully make their way out from the kilns The text is written after the inspiring poetry reading and performance session by the International Tutor . Fel at the Centre for Language in Education Ma Tak Jee Joyce is a local student from . Hong Kong She enjoys writing poetry and . learning new things , Currently ' she is pursuing a Master s in . TESOL at EdUHK NOVEMBER 2016 | 09