Newsletter - Page 3

Editor's Note Kaitlyn Bové ’ , It s November , changing ! month , which means that exams are nearing and you are probably looking forward to your holidays next , For me , I am constantly adjusting to my new home in Hong Kong , so these three months have been very special to me . campus the weather is both on and off Taking the time for yourself to relax and detox from the chaos of . student life for even just a day can truly help you with your academics This edition of our newsletter will feature some ways that you may be : able to do that , From joining extracurricular activities , going to local Hong Kong islands , writing poetry or even planning a vacation for the . future I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that while your , academic English use is typically British English , United States , newsletter . the newsletter will be in American English 50 , 69 ! try to find the differences yourself ! Happy readings - K | 03 In the next . I will comprise a piece on what exactly those differences are In the meantime NOVEMBER 2016 since I am from the