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, even those who had an elite running scheme and we finally managed to secure third and fourth place , this year bringing two cups and several medals ”. home “ Over these past . failures 10 ’ ’ years we ve reflected on past I dedicate the success of today s race to all ” EdU alumnis and teammates who have tried their very best to bring medals back to our campus , Chiu Lun . Lai coach of the EdUHK Running Team ,“ In regards to prospects of future races . . Our dream is to finish in first place It might seem impossible but we will try our best This goal is particularly dear to my heart because most of our team . members will eventually become teachers I want them to draw on these great memories of victories and share them with their future students so as to . make their careers more meaningful I hope to .” bring meaning to my team ’ , , The crowd s cheers of delight emanating from the stadium the uplifting spirit and the universities chanting their school motto captivated both .“ contestants and supporters alike I was crying . when I heard the MC announce the results . touching and humbling It was so I want to tell everyone that working hard for something you love is called “ ” passion and everyone should have passion said . Legends of EdU team member Chan Ka Chun , end : we run for what really matters , rejuvenating exercise of racing , commitment to team work , overcoming a challenge In the the the inspiring the hectic feeling of and the electrifying ambiance of a stadium filled with caring and , dedicated supporters all here to celebrate their . love for the oldest sport ever known NOVEMBER 2016 | 14