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’ , The EdUHK Legends coach Lai Chiu Lun alumnus of , 3 EdUHK who has been training the team for the past , ’ years remembers the glory days of the university s . - local running team The EdUHK cross country , , team previously known then as the HKIEd team . used to win gold medals in this championship In 2007, other universities began to invest in elite running schemes through which athletes were . offered scholarships and funding to compete in races , , EdU however never had an elite running team “ 2007, When I became a student in ,” we started losing . the coach remembers This period lasted for ten .“ years It is hard for our amateur team to compete with other universities who have professional . , , runners In other universities elite running teams ’ have their own training club they don t train with . inexperienced runners or beginners But our team is .” different , , Runners of all levels from beginner to advanced . .“ train together at EdUHK This fosters a feeling of belonging for everyone Our team is comprised of , future physical education teachers so when it comes , . to comparing talents with other elite teams we lose , , But on racing day it was not about talent or ability it ,” was about attitude . he adds ,“ The coach remembers , In my last year of university I . became the captain of the EdU running team Throughout my years at the university we never managed to finish in one of the first four places .” was a huge disappointment – it But three years later Chiu Lun began coaching the Legends team and the !“ curse was finally broken I always believed that we , could beat any of the other universities NOVEMBER 2016 | 13