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Egypt , Located in the northeast of Africa Egypt is a . . transcontinental country between Africa and Asia It is considered one of the Middle Eastern countries , Because of this . attached to it it also has an extremely vast history ’ This country is one of the world s first nation states and was established in the . century BC 10 th - Some must sees for tourists visiting this , country would be the Great Pyramid of Giza . as the Egyptian Museum , elements The rich historical , unique tourist attractions ’ , world s first nation state as well and being the makes Egypt another . desirable country to see in your lifetime Japan Japan is an island country and one of the only . countries in the world without an official language This country has several World Heritage Sites that . are worth visiting during your trip Mount Fuji is one of the tourist attractions listed on the list of World Heritage Sites and the most iconic landmark of . Japan The World Heritage Sites and the unique Japanese food and culture make Japan an excellent ! tourist destination - Christian is a local non Chinese student originally coming from . the Philippines He is a year one student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies . Education NOVEMBER 2016 | 11