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Communicate, communicate, communicate This mid-semester stretch no doubt involves a number of group projects to complete and that also means having to communicate with your group members about meeting deadlines and logistics to have a meeting about the workload and completion of the project and all those shenanigans. For group meetings especially, everyone has to decide on a date to meet, but because of the busy workload that university brings about, there may always be that one person who won’t be able to make it. Additionally, talk with your group members if you feel that something is not right regarding the dispersion of the work load! Tell them your needs and wants for the sake of the group in the calmest way possible, and they will definitely understand. Take time out  While it can all begin to be so overwhelming and chaotic in the midst of working on assignments and studying for exams, taking time to do things for yourself is another key to staying motivated to get everything done. This means that you deserve a break every once in a while by doing something not related to school work. For example, going out with your friends and family during the weekend, binge watching Netflix, going for a nature walk or hike, or even heading to the gym just to get those endorphins releasing! So that when you go back to your studies, you can come back with a fresher, clearer mind again. Good luck!   Ella is currently studying English Education at EdUHK. She is an aspiring writer, bookworm, and pop culture enthusiast! APRIL 2017 | 07