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Workshops in Focus From March 2017 British Comedy By Gareth Siu The aim of this workshop was for students to supercharge their vocabulary, especially regarding colloquial British English, through learning about British comedy. First of all the importance of humour in British daily life was demonstrated as well as its particular characteristics. These characteristics were then highlighted through television clips, which included different comedy formats, such as sitcom, stand-up, and mockumentary. For each clip we explored the situation, the language, and what was funny about it. There was also the chance for the students to tell ‘knock knock’ jokes to each other. These jokes use puns and this helps us to understand how two meanings can be intended within a single word or statement. This workshop certainly had a deep impact on the students. One later told me that he was inspired to watch other British comedy episodes in his free time to improve his language skills, deepen his cultural understanding and relax after a busy day. This proves that the workshop reached its intended outcomes. Survival English By Bogdana Filonich Since March, my workshop "Survival English" has taught students how to have small talk with foreigners, what could be discussed, and what should be avoided. Quite often it is hard to start a conversation or find a neutral topic to discuss, especially when you do not know what to say! This workshop is intended to help the students to improve their speaking skills in both academic and casual settings. Sign up for April is still available! Gareth's class! APRIL 2017 | 05