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Featured IT of the Month Sasha Sikorska | Ukraine Sasha was born in Ukraine, a country in-Eastern Europe. She received her Masters degree in business management and economics from Kyiv National Economic University. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, she was working as a Project Manager in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.  01 The name 'Sasha' is actually short for her full name: Oleksandra. 02 02 One of Sasha's favorite musicians is Icelandic artist Bjork. 03 Sasha and her friend have a volunteering project in Ukraine, where they spend their time in orphanages by helping kids to see the bright side of life! 01 Andrew Thomas Huang 03 04 Sasha tries to participate in runs when the opportunity presents itself. Not because she loves running, but to challenge herself. 05 Her ultimate goal is to see every corner of the world – even Antarctica! 06 Sasha has a very good relationship with her sister Tanya. Even though they fought a lot in their childhood, they are the very best of friends now. 07 When she was nine years old she began to hike by conquering the highest mountain in Ukraine – Mount Hoverla (2061m). By now she has hiked most of the Carpathians and has been to the highest mountain in Europe – Mount Elbrus (5642m). 05 04 07 06 APRIL 2017 | 04