Newsletter September 2019, Issue 3 | Page 9


About Iran Fara Bourse

Iran Fara Bourse (IFB) offers a wide range of products and services to the market. Listing, from IPOs and Trading in Equity market as well as providing to Unlisted Securities Trading privileges (UTP). In Structured Financial Products Market (SFP) kinds of Sukuk, CSDs, Mortgage Rights and Funds are also available.

Additionally, IFB owns a market for Privatization of Government-linked Companies (GLCs), holds Mergers and Acquisitions plus Intellectual Property listing which make an emerging yet active and innovative exchange.

And the Derivatives Market, which is still new but with a lot of opportunities to flourish.

IFB's organizational values are:

> Empathy and solidarity;

> Dignified behavior at all times;

> Professional and personal success of women;

> Responsibility;

> Innovation;

> Learning and teaching;

> Respect for confidentiality precepts;

> Maintaining work-life balance;

> Protecting corporate tangible and intangible assets;

> Considering IFB's social responsibility and social influence;

> Rational decision making.

Iran Fara Bourse has established a set of prospective strategic plans to expand operations in new horizons. Launching Small & Medium Enterprise platform is one of the IFB priorities; facilitating SME Financing is to boost the Economic Development of the Country. Constitution of Venture Capital Fund and Private Equity Fund in Iran Capital Markets would be a significant contribution in building Sustainable Economic Growth. Alongside the Macroeconomic policies, development of various types of funds in Capital Markets and designing new indicies would assist in implementing diversification strategies of market efficiency policies. Enhancement of the Islamic Finance sector such as promoting and developing Sukuk and Shariah Compliance financial products will increase the efficient and effective accomplishment of successful Fiscal Policies.

The further top priority of IFB in future would be expansion in International Collaborations, Foreign Investor Protections and provide opportunities for International Investors into Islamic Republic of Iran’s Capital Markets.

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